“You Need to Give Him a Chance”: Former Coach Confident Andy Murray Will Get Rhythm in Next Season



After three years, Andy Murray returned to Paris and would have tried to gain a good experience at the Roland Garros. However, that was not the case for the former world number one. Additionally, it was a disappointing performance by the British player. He played against rival Stan Wawrinka in the first round of the tournament. 

While people and audiences have raised controversial questions about Murray’s tennis career, former coach Alex Corretja believes that one needs to be patient with the 33-year old athlete. Alex shared, “Each player has had his own experience. And I respect what Mats Wilander says. Because that is his own experience and feeling.”


Additionally, Corretja said, “I believe that once Murray starts the indoor season, he will feel much better. He will play best-of-three. And he will get the rhythm he needs to get in shape again for the next season.”

“You Need To Give Him (Andy Murray) A Chance”- Corretja

Moreover, the former coach added, “He will have an off-season and get ready most likely to play matches before Melbourne. In Melbourne, he will have a good chance to feel better.”

Besides, responding to the opinion by Matt, Alex said, “In my opinion, playing best-of-five on clay in these conditions after such a long time without playing matches, in two-and-a-half years where he hasn’t played much, is not a reference.”

Alex Corretja

Talking about retirement, he shared, “My advice is to retire one year too late rather than one year too early. Why? Because in that year, you realize whether you are capable of coming back, capable of getting back to where you want to be or not. If you retire and you are not sure about it, then you might regret it and think about it for the rest of your life, that you could have gone a little longer.”

Moreover, sharing his views on Murray, he said, “I totally understand that Andy Murray is trying to get back to his best. I’m sure he knows it will be complicated. But you need to give him a chance. To see if he at least feels better on the court. No matter if he wins slams again or not. And try to enjoy the rest of his career.”

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