“You Have To Do Women”- Serena Williams Pushes Her Coach For Women’s UTS


Serena Williams and Patrick Mouratolou

The whole tennis world has been missing live tennis actions since Coronavirus outbreaks. However, Serena Williams’s coach Patrick Mouratolou has brought an alternate enjoyment for tennis fans. Patrick’s creation UTS is organizing no-audience live-broadcasted tennis competition events around the world.

Recently, Patrick Mouratoglou revealed that the Women’s Tour Ultimate Tennis Showdown is on cards. And Serena Williams also told me I had to do a women’s UTS.

Patrick Mouratoglou founder of UTS spoke to Eurosports Tennis Legends Vodcast with Mats Wilander said that” we are planning to do Women’s UTS. Serena Williams also told me this thing”. Moreover, a talk show also participated by ATP World No.103 Alexei Popyarin of Australia.

On the Mats Wilander questioned Serena’s coach, is there any plan to do women UTS?, and I am sure Serena is in your ear? ‘why aren’t you doing..! Is that the plan?

Serena Williams and Patrick Mouratolou

”That’s exactly what’s happened. when the father of Alexi came to me with this idea, I called Serena and told her, ‘I think I’m going to do that’ and she said, ‘So, are you also doing a women’s tour?’ and I said, ‘Well, you know, It’s difficult because we are just starting. We have to organize everything from scratch in two months. I think if I try to do both, I’m going to fail.” Coach added.

“I love Women’s tennis”- UTS Founder Patrick Mouratoglou

A French man also described his curiosity about women’s tennis. And Coach said we have a plan of the Women’s Tour Ultimate Tennis Showdown. “And she said that you can’t do that, you have to do women. She pushed me like crazy because she wanted the women also” said, Serena’s coach.

Actually, she brought some great ideas also. There is definitely going to be a Women’s tour not only for men. Because I love women’s tennis. I think it’s great and I also want to advertise women as much as men,” Patrick Mouratoglou Concluded.


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Ultimate Tennis Showdown(UTS) is the creation of Patrick Mouratoglou, who started last week in his academy courts in France. A revolutionary format inspired by e-sports and different type point format system is in the league. UTS matches will last for a maximum of one hour and will be divided into four quarters of 10 minutes each, all played in the style of a tie-break, with players taking it in turns to serve two points in a row.


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