“You Got All My Respect For Being Best In The World For Six Years”: Pete Sampras Lauds Novak Djokovic


Pete Sampras and Novak Djokovic

ATP Tour went live with the former British tennis player Tim Henman as part of their series of bringing the legends of the past as well as present at one platform. Additionally, it is organised just before the ATP Nitto Finals in London.

In this episode, Novak Djokovic and Pete Sampras were up together for the conversation. Besides, Novak recently equalled Sampras’s record of ending the 6th year as number one. Moreover, both these legends had nothing but appreciation for each other.

Sampras expressed, “Congratulations, I think you got all my respect for being the best in the world for six years.”

When asked about picking one favourite shot of Djokovic, Sampras said, “I want your return of serve.” And he added that Djokovic should give him his return of serve. Moreover, the former world number one, Pete also said that Novak would be the hardest person he would face today. Then Sampras said, “I would like to have Novak’s feedback. And certainly, some of his speed.”

“Six Years In A Row- I Do Not Know How You Did It, Pete”- Djokovic

To this the current world number one, Novak replied, “I would not mind trading my return and speed with your serve and volley.”

Additionally, the Serbian was in awe of his childhood idol. Novak mentioned Pete’s record of attaining world number one at the year-end for six consecutive years. He said, “It is a paramount achievement because of the amount of dedication.” Moreover, Djokovic mentioned how it is not only about managing things on the court but off the pitch as well.

Talking about the various hardships that come with staying on the top, Novak added, “I understand when Pete is talking about not eating and sleeping well. And having a funny stomach.”

Moreover, he also mentioned how this could also affect relationships with your close ones. Or the ones with who you are surrounded. In addition to this, Novak also pointed out that sometimes there are situations where you go through a hurricane of emotions, stress, etc. Lastly, Djokovic added, “So, six years in a row- I do not know how you did it Pete, massive respect.”

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