“You are the GOAT”: Alexander Zverev Reacts To Serena Williams’s Mask On Tweet


Serena Williams and Alexander Zverev

Serena Williams is one name that probably everybody knows when it comes to women tennis. She is arguably one of the best players that the tennis fraternity has ever seen. Williams has achieved more than what any male or female tennis player has achieved and is still going strong even after attaining motherhood.  

The American is an inspiration to so many women out there. She is the only woman in the open era to have won 23 grand slam singles titles and second ever after Margaret Court. Moreover, the gap between her and the next best players on tour has been astoundingly large for the better part of 20 years.

“How Do People Recognize Me With A Mask On”: Serena Williams

Williams has always been out there on social media and is always sharing fun moments from her life. She recently engaged in a fun tweet conversation, where she jokingly wrote that she wonders how people can recognize her, even in a mask. Well, it most certainly would be difficult for Williams to roam around freely in public, considering the huge fan following she has. She cannot hide herself that easily!

“I’m trying to figure out how do people recognize me with a mask on. Hummm, I thought I would be invincible and free to roam aimlessly.”, Williams wrote in a tweet. 

To this, her fellow tennis player, Alexander Zverev replied by calling her a G.O.A.T(Greatest Of All Time) and making it seem like it is so obvious. He implied the fact that Williams is a legend and can be spotted from far away!

“You are the GOAT, what do you expect.”, The German wrote.

The current world number seven, Alexander Zverev, clinched two titles back to back at Cologne recently, at the 2020 Bett1Hulks tennis tournaments. In the finals, the US Open runner-up beat Canadian Felix Auger-Aliassime and Argentine Diego Schwartzman.

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