“You Also Need To Enjoy The Food”- Roger Federer On His Love For Pre-Match Meal


Roger Federer

Roger Federer, arguably the greatest tennis player shares his secret for a healthy life. In addition to this, the Swiss tennis legend also shared his methods of staying fit during the lockdown days.

Further, the former world number one is looking to make a return to the court. Additionally, he says that the ‘cannot wait’ to return to the game. 

In the process of filming for the advert, Federer talked on various subjects with sponsor Barilla. The Swiss great has not played for a long time now.

Additionally, he played his last competitive game against Siberian, Novak Djokovic. The same was in the Australian Open, early this January. After that, he underwent right knee surgery twice. The second one was performed as the result of the first was undesirable.

Roger Federer

“I Have Eaten Pasta Almost Before Every Game” – Roger Federer

Federer, one of the oldest players in the game, has 103 titles to his name. Additionally, he is an athlete who thinks of a balanced diet as a moderation component.

According to him, he loves to eat pasta before his matches. For this love with pasta, he also signed a deal with The Barilla Group. Moreover, Barilla is the largest producer of pasta in the world.

20 times Grand Slam Champion said, “The secret to a healthy and balanced diet stays all in moderation. Whatever you do, you have to do it with moderation. But you also need to enjoy the food.” In addition to this, Federer also shared about his love for pasta.

Roger Federer

He shared, “Pasta has always worked very well for me before matches. I have eaten pasta almost before every game. I have played almost 1500 matches until now, and I still love it like the first day. It is integral to stay healthy.”

Sharing about his lockdown days, he said, “We really take a big effort and make sure we get all together at the table maybe once or twice a day. It is important to talk about our day. And not just sit down, eat quickly, and run away.

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For me, it is a part of a nice unwinding of the day. And even a great way to see each other and catch up, because our lives are all very busy.” Roger concluded.


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