Simona Halep Reveals Emma Raducanu Has A Bright Future And Will Be One of The Best Players In The World


Simona Halep
Simona Halep

Teenager Emma Raducanu came to the limelight after back-to-back tremendous runs at the 2021 Wimbledon and US Open. She now dazzles as one of the stars of British tennis. Nevertheless, the former World No.1 and two-time Grand Slam champion Simona Halep believes that the US Open champion has a bright future and has the power to become one of the best players in the world. 

“If she has already achieved the grand slam title, I think she’s able to achieve everything,” Halep said of Emma Raducanu in a recent interview. 

“She now has the experience of winning the biggest tournament in tennis. I think she can, yeah, easily she can go in the top 10, I think soon, sooner than everybody thinks because she’s already close to that.”

“She has a bright future, and for sure, she will be one of the best players in the world.”

Talking about handling pressure, the Romanian tennis legend explained, “The pressure is not great for a player. Even if she’s so young, I think she feels the pressure, it’s normal. Everybody does.” 

“You guys better enjoy her results, her tennis, the way she is because she’s super nice and wait for her to grow up a little bit at this level because she just jumped now.”

“She did something great, and probably – it’s just my opinion – she will need some time to see how it is every week to be there, and then she will become stronger, much stronger. “

“What she achieved is unbelievable, and it’s all credit to her because she played so well and she played so many matches,” she said. 

“I think her mental (strength) was very strong and also the game, she showed great tennis. Very fast, very close to the baseline. And I think the movement was also great.”

Speaking about a recent conversation with Raducanu, “I didn’t speak with her about tennis and stuff like this, I just congratulated her.”

“We haven’t gotten so close yet, probably. It’s an honour to hear that (she was Raducanu’s hero).”

“Now she’s a grand slam champion, so she’s an idol for other kids. It’s a nice thing, a nice feeling to hear this. And hopefully, I inspired her.”

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