“A Big Risk”: Patrick Mouratoglou Reacts To Serena Williams US Open 2021 Withdrawal


Serena Williams and Patrick Mouratoglou
Serena Williams and Patrick Mouratoglou

After Serena Williams’s withdrawal announcement, coach Patrick Mouratoglou revealed that according to medical advice, his pupil would excessively suffer if she plays at the US Open 2021.  

The 23-time Grand Slam will miss the New York major event due to a leg injury concern.

However, when asked about his student withdrawal from the US Open 2021 in a recent interview, coach Mouratoglou said, “It’s obviously a disappointment, but this time, it’s not like a door slammed shut. We were in the process of trying to heal an injury. We knew we were late; we made everything possible.” 

“Day after day, we knew we had fewer chances. Ten days ago, the MRI showed that the injury (a torn hamstring) was still present. She couldn’t move. Where you are twenty days before a major event, and you didn’t even run for six weeks, and you can only play statically, you know it’s a bad start.” 

“The Withdrawal Is The Result of a Process”, says Patrick Mouratoglou

Coach continued, “We decided to make a final checkpoint a week before the event. The point was about moving without any pain. If this condition doesn’t happen, it means that you know you can’t even practice.” 

“The withdrawal is the result of a process. We can’t say that the evolution of the process is bad; it’s just that it’s longer than expected.”

“We took medical advice, and the medical advice was clear; if you play, you take a big risk. Then we had to discuss a little as a team. Serena always feels like she’s giving up if she doesn’t play; it’s inside her.” 

“We had to reason with her a little, but anyway, the medical advice had a big part. In that sense, it was a team decision.”

When asked when Serena will make her comeback, the Frenchman explained, “I don’t know; we didn’t talk about that. We just talked about the US Open, that was the last goal of the season. First, she has to digest. Then we can sit and talk. Today, I’m not certain of anything in one sense or another.”

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