“Want To Do Unapologetically”: Rising Star Coco Gauff Reveals Key Rule of Life


Coco Gauff
Coco Gauff

Maturity comes with experience, not age. Having a record of the youngest player ranked in the top 100 by the WTA, the 16-years-old Coco Gauff is a source of inspiration for young people. However, the American rising tennis star recently revealed the basic rules of life.

Gauff finished 2020 season as the 48th Woman tennis player in the world. While heading into the new season, Coco recently took to Instagram to hold a Q and A session for all her fans.  

Therein, a fan asked her: What’s the key rule you have in your life? Coco Gauff nicely described it with an example. 

She continued, “Welp…We are all gonna die eventually so you might as well live it the way you want to do unapologetically because at the end of the day we’re living on a floating rock in the middle of the space surrounded by other floating rocks. So just do what makes you happy.” 

Coco Gauff's Instagram Story

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Coolest Thing Tennis Has Brought To Coco Gauff 

Coco Gauff was born to athletic parents. And while Coco experimented with a variety of sports during her childhood, she decided to compete in individual sports none other than tennis.  

American started playing tennis at the age of six years. In 2018, Gauff was ranked junior number one following a victory over McNally at the French Open. 

When asking the coolest thing tennis has brought to you, Coco Gauff replied, “Happiness, passion, and a platform that I can use to inspire change.” 

 Coco Gauff's Intagram Story

Gauff played her first WTA tour match during the 2019 Miami Open and won her maiden title at the 2019 Linz Open

Her remarkable performances in the Grand Slam events will no doubt pay off in the future. 

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