“Pretty Boring”: Simona Halep Reveals How Long She Wants To Play Tennis


Simona Halep
Simona Halep

In a recent interview, the Romanian ace Simona Halep said that she had planned to retire from tennis for a short period before the COVID-19 pandemic. She has now changed her mind due to a boring life to extend her career for another 3 to 4 years. 

Simona Halep Aims To Win More Grand Slam Titles Before Retirement 


Former World No.1 from Constanta was invited to “One on One with Chris Evert”, a WTA show. Therein, Halep answered a bunch of questions.  

When asked, what are your future goals for tennis? The two-time Grand Slam Champion replied, “My goal is to play another 3-4 years. Before the pandemic, I said one more year, but now I extended my career because I stayed too much home and I can.” 

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Romanian continued, “I could feel how normal life is so. It’s pretty boring, so I have a little bit more adrenaline. So I’m going to play a few more years, and the goal is just to touch the best version of myself and, of course, the Grand Slam. It’s always there, and I’m going to fight for them, but no pressure. So I just want to take It easy and to give every week everything I have.” 

Halep Plans To Help More Kids After Her Retirement From Tennis  

The Wimbledon Reigning champion emphasised she has been giving her helping hands to needy sports kids and is now considering starting an academy to help more emerging stars. 

When asked about her foundation, Simona Halep explained, “I started a few years ago, and the main project was to help the kids get to tennis to get closer to tennis. We didn’t have big chances lately with big projects about tennis, but I’m also thinking about starting an academy. I can help with the foundation more, but also I helped other sports.”

Simona Halep further added, “I also helped with gymnastics Ice hockey for girls I had on the teams. I had the team and were travelling worldwide in Europe, and they won a few tournaments, so it was fun. I made it more for fun and helped the kids, but now it is not very big, so I want to after I finish with tennis for sure I will have more time to do more projects.” 

“But at the beginning, It’s also tough. I have to get the feeling of it. So I have to get more involved to see what I feel I need to help the kids, and for sure, the main part will be tennis and other sports, so I don’t stay only on tennis,” the 2018 French Open title winner confessed. 

At the Stuttgart Open 2021, No.2 seed Simona Halep will face either the Czech Marketa Vondrousova or Maria BouzKova in her opening round match. 


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