Will Lionel Messi Fulfil Andy Murray’s Desire?


Lionel Messi and Andy Murray

Andy Murray recently made his comeback at the Western and Southern Open after going through a prolonged injury. He listed himself up for the US Open series and made it till the round 16 match at the Cincinnati Masters.

The tennis star that we all know him as, is also a football guru it seems so. Recently the football maestro Lionel Messi stunned the footballing world. On Wednesday, he sent Barcelona a burofax to confirm that he wants to leave the La Liga giants following the completion of the 2019-20 season. 

Following his withdrawal from the club, his probable prospects are being talked about at length. If he does indeed get his wish then the likes of Manchester City, PSG, and Inter Milan are reportedly at the front of the queue to sign up. 

Andy Murray

“It would be nice to see him in the Premier League”- Andy Murray

When Andy Murray was asked about this matter, he had some valuable opinions of his own. To start with he joked around and said, “He’s (Lionel Messi) going to join Hibs.” And went on to talk about where he wants the Argentine to play.

“I would like to see him play in the Premier League, to be honest,” he said. “I don’t really care who he plays for, I follow Arsenal, but not thinking he is going to be joining him. But I would like to see him come to the Premier League, be great for the league for the sure.”, the former no.01 said.

“But I have always said he could because he is the best player ever. He would be absolutely fine.”, Murray added.

Murray also recalled the time when he witnessed the football star play live. The 33-year-old wishes to see him (Messi) play a couple of more times and thinks the premier league would be a good platform for it.

Andy Murray

Additionally, Murray mentioned, “Maybe get a few more opportunities to go watch him live a few more times. I watched him when he was much younger. When I lived in Barcelona, I got to see him play a couple of times live. It would be nice to see him in the Premier League.”

Former Briton later added that he hopes Messi will join the Premier League to prove some of his doubters wrong.

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“I have heard a lot of people saying ‘could he do it on a cold Wednesday in Stoke?’, but I have always said he could because he is the best player ever. He would be absolutely fine. I would like to see him show a few people he could do that.”, Murray concluded.


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