Why Coaching Is A Big No-No For Master Venus Williams


The Idea to be a Coach for Aspiring Tennis Stars Does not Lure the Grand Slam Champion Venus Williams

Venus Williams

If you are looking forward to seeing the very talented African American tennis star Venus Williams as a dedicated coach who would train the newbies in the court after her retirement then you are certainly going to be disappointed. Recently, the seven-time Grand Slam singles winner shared her views with Alize Lim on the popular show, ‘Major Talk’, and ruled out all possibilities of her taking up coaching players after she bids adieu to the game.

She told that instead of backing up tennis players she would prefer to join dance or art and spend all of her time with her parents. The great Player who held the No. 01 position for a total of 11 weeks in several singles Tournaments said that although she loves tennis, she lacks the patience to be a mentor.

Venus Williams

Williams stated, “I don’t think I would like that. Be there to help someone else and wait for them to get better. I am so impatient … I would be on the court watching Netflix on my phone and eating popcorn shouting: “Bend your knees! I would be a horrible, screaming coach. The person would lose self-confidence.” 

Venus has got a long to-do-list for herself when she retires from the court and interestingly, tennis features nowhere in it. “I want to dance, to make art, to spend time with my mother and my father.” She said at the show.

I forgot some times when my father was so funny- Venus Williams

Besides being the winner of Grand Slam singles titles seven times, she has also won 14 Grand Slam Women’s doubles titles with Serena Williams and has bagged two Mixed Doubles titles too.

Venus Williams

She seems much inspired by her father’s sense of humor. Sharing her thoughts about the forthcoming flick based on his life, she told, “It’s really a very good film, honestly. I forgot some times when my father was so funny. He said: “My daughter will still be there long after our death and I am not raising a moron!” He spoke like that to the agents, I forgot how hilarious he was.”

There is no denying the fact that Williams Sisters are quite different from each other in thoughts and perceptions. On one end Serena is all set to hit more records like the Grand Slam Singles title while on the other Venus expresses her aloofness in the race of being the best.

Venus Williams

She opines, “I do not want to be remembered as the best. I’m not always trying to find out if I’m the best or if I’m dominating, it’s just a detail. I know, it sounds strange, but I never really wanted to dominate. It’s my vision and that’s why I don’t worry. I never thought it would be serious if I couldn’t be the best. Honestly, I think Serena feels the same.”

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Not all fruits of a plant taste the same likewise siblings too have different ideologies and its pretty normal for them to think and aspire differently. “Because when you have bigger goals than being the best, you see things differently. It’s just your job.” Venus Williams concluded.


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