“When Will It Stop?”- Coco Gauff Questioned Over Brutal Killings In The Nation


Coco Gauff is demanding justice for brutal killings

The city of lakes Minneapolis streets has a flood of people who protest against George Floyd’s police custody death. Sad to see that scene, the police officer killed George while he pleads “I can’t breathe, man. Please understand. Please, man.” Justice for George Floyd protest rapidly spreads to across the United States. Besides, Young tennis player Coco Gauff raised the question about African-Americans brutal killings in the nation. 

World Number 52 Gauff raised her voice against racial discrimination via her Instagram post with the following message.

Coco Gauff wrote in a post, “When will it stop? When will we be seen as human and not a threat? Rest in Peace to all of the beautiful souls whose lives were ended short due to racism. All lives will not matter until society proves they care about lives.”

Coco is worring about her community

“Am  I Next?”- Coco Gauff  Voices To Fight Against Racism Discrimination

Earlier, Teenager Coco Gauff wrote on her twitter page while watching George Floyd’s merciless killing video. “I am in tears watching this video… every day innocent people are dying because of our skin color. No one deserves to die like that. I just can’t believe this. This needs to stop”.

As an African-American tennis player sent a message to the affected community,  “I promise to always use my platform to help make the world a better place”. 

George Floyd

The rising tennis star Coco Gauff posted a video comprised of a number of black people, who brutally killed in the United States. She mentioned in the video, “This is why I am using my voice to fight against racism” 

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Later, the 16-years-old  Coco Gauff expressed to the community, “Am I next? I am using my voice, will you use yours?”


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