What is mean by “Laykold”-Why is US Open 2020 implemented?


Two players are playing tennis at US OPEN court
US OPEN Court Surface Image Credits: Steven Pisano

Day by day, we are receiving breaking news about tennis tournament suspension, postponement or cancellation and something updated from the tennis authorities. In a row, US Open 2020 has released a statement on Monday; however, It was totally unexpected and a surprise for the whole tennis world.

They stated, “Laykold has been selected as the new court surface for the US Open and the NTC. The new agreement is in place for five years.” The US Open has been played on hard court surface DecoTurf since 1978, and for trademark(US Open Blue) purposes, the court has been painted in Blue Since 2005.

The National Tennis Center, Chief Operating Officer Danny Zausner said: “At the end of the entire change of the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, We believe, it was time to explore all new approaches and technologies to court surfacing. During this exploration, Laykold quickly rose to the top and working with them, we are confident we will have the best-playing and best-performing courts in the world.” 

What Is The Advantage Of Laykold Surface 

Two players are playing tennis at US OPEN court
Laykold Tennis Surface at Miami Open

“Laykold is an acrylic sports surfacing system that can be customized to achieve the desired performance, playability, and appearance.”

The eco-friendly courts will be manufactured by Advanced Polymer Technology. A Pennsylvania based company is the only 14001 environmental management system certified court manufacturer in the world.

It can be built by six layers of hard surface, the Asphalt, the Concrete, the Cushion Granule, the Cushion Powder, the Silica Sand, and the Line Paint.

In the last 25 years, Laykold has been the surface of the Miami Open and also served in the New York Open and a few Fed Cup matches across the United States.

New APT Masters Technology

Chief Operating Officer of APT, Jim Sacco, said, “Laykold has been trusted in the tennis court industry for 75 years and to add the US Open to our roster of major events around the world is a landmark moment for us. We have been waiting for an opportunity to showcase our quality at the world’s biggest tennis tournament, and we are delighted to have been chosen. We are grand slam ready.

Laykold tennis courts have just gotten greener! APT is proud to announce that their new Laykold Master’s line now offers two systems made with recycled tennis balls. APT has teamed up with Ace Surfaces to create the very first cushion court with a shock pad that utilizes up to 10,000 recycled tennis balls in a single tennis court! Finally, after a tennis ball has had its last bounce, it can be recycled and used again instead of rolling into a landfill.”

“Each year, 130+ million tennis balls are consumed in the US and approximately 325 million worldwide. That is enough tennis balls thrown away annually to fill 6,000 semi-trailers top to bottom or fill the Empire State Building to the 62nd story!  After years of research, product development, and teamwork, a recycling program finally exists.”

If there is no Coronavirus(COVID-19) interruption, obviously, the US Open 2020 will be held between 24 August To 13 September at Flushing Meadows, New York. Notably, the entire tennis actions were suspended until the first week of June 2020 by the reason for Corona Pandemic.


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