“We Will Have a Couple More Years of Roger Federer”- Tennis Australia Boss Craig Tiley


While Roger Federer has taken a break from playing tennis in 2020, Craig Tiley, the director of Tennis Australia believes that the Swiss legend still has in him to play for two more years from now.

Federer, after his defeat in the semi-finals at the Australian Open, has been out of the court due to the double-knee surgery. Additionally, Federer has already said that he might retire due to injury as well as the pandemic. Besides, he also skipped the US Open and will also not play in the French Open.

Craig Tiley

Although, he also is thinking of trying to play in 2021. Tiley believes that Roger still has it in him to win the matches. Tiley, in conversation with World Wide of Sports, said, “I have known Roger for a long time. And I think that we will have a couple more years of Roger Federer.”

Wants To Send Roger Federer A Proper Send Off In Front Of The Whole Crowd-Craig Tiley

In addition to this, he also said, “I will certainly use this as a motivation to encourage him to keep playing until we give him a proper send-off in front of a full crowd. I don’t really know if it will have much impact, but I will give it a go.”

Moreover, Tiley also informed tennis fans across the world regarding plans of holding the Australian Open next year. Additionally, he also dispelled all the fears regarding the cancellation of the tournament. 

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He said, “It is hard to guarantee. But we are in contact with the players and they are keen. Every player I have spoken to wants to look at 2021 as a new start.”


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