“We Together Are Really”- Williams Sisters Not Living At U.S.Open Bubble Hotels Due To Health Issues


Williams sisters

The Williams sisters will be competing in the Western and Southern Open, which will begin today. Besides, they will also be playing in the US Open starting on 31st August. However, playing during the time of pandemic has required both of them to opt for extra precautions as well as awareness.

Additionally, Serena has also faced health issues previously. While she suffered a problem in the lungs in 2011, most recently she had surgery in 2018, on the birth of her daughter. In addition to this, the former world number one Venus Williams was also diagnosed with Sjogren’s syndrome. 

Keeping in mind the situation, both of them are living in private spaces, rather than in the bubble hotels by the USTA. 

Williams sisters

Serena said, “I didn’t want to be in the hotel. This is because I have lung issues. So I felt like it was a big risk for me personally.”  Besides, she also added, “In my house, I can control a little more. As much as I want to be here, it has been great.”

Venus Is In The Same Boat As Me“- Serena Williams

“However, I have genuine health issues. And I just really needed to put my mind at rest. And be able to perform in New York”, she said.

Williams sisters

The 38-year old also said on Friday in a Zoom meeting with reporters covering the Western & Southern Open, “It is really important for me to take so many precautions. And I am taking more than most people. But not more than Venus.”

Talking about her elder sister, she said, “Venus is in the same boat as me. We together are really, really aware of what we do.”

Besides, Serena also talked about playing without the fans. She said, “I don’t mind not having them. I would love it if they were here. It is so special playing with the fans and they really pull me up when I am down.”

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However, she added, “I am like we need to be safe right now. We can all come back when we are better and can have fun.”


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