”We Miss Roger ”: Alex Corretja Can’t Wait to See Federer’s Dancing Moments on The Courts


Roger Federer

While everyone is waiting for Roger Federer to arrive at the court again, Alex Corretja could not stop himself from expressing his eagerness to see Federer back on the tennis court.

Additionally, some days earlier, the 39-year-old Swiss legend announced his return to tennis after deciding not to play in any tournament in 2020 due to injuries. 

Federer would be seen playing in the Australian Open 2021 in January. Additionally, Alex Corretja, the former Spanish tennis player, could not wait to see Federer. He said, ”We miss Roger, you know, his elegance.”

Alex Corretja

Roger Federer Is The Legend We All Miss Seeing On The Court

Additionally, people are going bonkers with the news of Federer returning to the tennis. Besides, the 20-times Grand Slam winner would like to make an exciting return to the game. 

In addition to this, Federer has remained away from the Australian Open 2020 due to joint injuries. Federer is one of the most loved and greatest players across the tennis circuit, and people believe watching Federer is like watching poetry in motion.

Spaniard continued, “It is only when you see Roger walking next to you that you have the impression that something is going to happen. Then when you see him play, he seems to be dancing on the court, and that’s something so good.”

Roger Federer

He will be 40 next year and still has the will to play and show us that he can win Grand Slams. I, therefore, hope that he will recover very well,” he added.

While some people believe that at 40-years age, it is time that Federer should retire, the Swiss legend is nowhere near to give up and would like to add to his tally many more Grand Slams in the coming years.

Besides, while the Swiss maestro cannot wait to come back, he is making sure that he does not rush the process of his recovery.

Along with Corretja, all the tennis fans cannot wait anymore for the legend to return to the court.

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