We Are Strongest When We Are Together- Serena Williams On Graduation


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A Coronavirus is a common cause of today’s social isolation and health risks. Sad to say the Schools and Colleges are closed and the students unable to celebrate their graduation day. These days, most educational institutions are honouring their students online. In a row, the GOAT of women’s tennis Serena Williams united with Stephen Curry and Kevin Hart for a special virtual graduation ceremony presented by JP Morgan Chase.  

Inspiring Graduation Speech By Serena Williams 

The 2nd May, 23 Grand Slam winner Serena Williams Joined comedian Kevin Hart and NBA champion and MVP Stephen Curry for an online celebration to honour the class of 2020, streamed live on Twitter and Youtube in the name of “Show Me Your Walk” presented by Chase. 

First of all, The King of WTA congratulated graduating students and their parents from her brave heart.  

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I am also an entrepreneur, an investor and a philanthropist 

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“You all began your collegiate journey with a mission to realize your potential to pursue your dreams, and now you have the tools to push yourselves forward in any direction that you choose. The world is waiting for you and your greatness, and you will have the opportunity to change it for the better.

“To all the graduates out there, parents, teachers, collegians, congratulations. One of the many lessons that I’ve learned throughout my life is that success is subjective. When you go out there into the world, you’ll see so many different versions of success around you.

Serena Williams is speaking about her career success

Success comes in so many forms, and it’s up to you to define what success means to you and what that means in your life.

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“Although we are all facing uncertainty right now, we must remember that we are strongest when we are together. Over the course of your lifetime, there’s going to be so many setbacks and challenges that force you to pause to look inward and listen to the voice that says, ‘You can do it,'” she added.


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