“We All Agreed That He Did Not Do It on Purpose”- The Chief Referee Justifies Djokovic’s Default Decision


Novak Djokovic

At the round 16 match of the 2020 US open everybody witnessed something shocking and unexpected. The world number one Novak Djokovic was disqualified from the tournament en route to the quarterfinals of the slam. There has already been a lot of discussion about this incident and will probably go on for a while. 

The chief referee of the US Open Soren Frimel also talked about the situation and said that “there was no other option” after Djokovic hit the line Judge with the ball. The Serbian hit the ball with his racket that directly hit the line judge in the throat at the Arthur Ashe stadium.

Novak Djokovic

According to Frimel, the decision on disqualification was “based on the fact that the ball was hit in a rage, recklessly and that it hit the referee right in the throat.”

“I did not intend that to happen and I should not be disqualified”-Djokovic

Even-though he felt that the act was done unintentionally, he had to take the strict decision owing to the damage that it caused. He explained the factors that contributed to his decision.

“There are two factors – action and result. The action, although there was no intention, led to the result, and that is hitting the referee with the ball and the fact that she was obviously injured. These are the main factors in making a decision in this case.” he explained.

Novak Djokovic

As per the 17-time grand slam champion,  it was a pure accident and he totally did not intend on doing that.

“yes, I was angry and I hit the ball that hit the line judge, the facts are very clear, but I did not intend that to happen and I should not be disqualified.”, Novak Djokovic said.

“We all agreed that he did not do it on purpose, but the fact remains that he hit the line judge and that she was obviously injured, Frimel said talking about his conversation with Novak.

This incident for sure was something totally unforeseen and unique which nobody was anticipating. Such circumstances do not occur very often and were a lesson for everybody to learn.

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“Punishing a player at the Grand Slam is an important and very difficult decision. It doesn’t matter on which field everything happens or which player it is, you have to make the right decision. Everyone on the field was aware of the role in this case.”, Frimel concluded talking about his unique experience.


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