WATCH: Novak Djokovic Sends Beautiful Message To Wheelchair Players


Novak Djokovic

The second Wheelchair Tennis Tournament was held on 15th to 18th October at Gallarate. More than thirty wheelchair tennis players were seen participating in the Gallarate Tennis Club. Tennis lovers saw a fantastic match which inspired many. Alessandro Cianfoni was the one who outshined all other players and won the men’s singles finals against Giovanni Zeni.

There were many other matches in the tournament, among which Zeni / Zorzetto won against Carlucci / Pincella in doubles, and the Quad winner was Alfredo Di Cosmo. The tournament was an inspiration to many. Things like this give a life lesson that nothing is tough when you have a zeal to work.

“You Give Me Mental Strength And Inspiration”: Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic is the encouragement for all who came forward to appreciate the players in these challenging times. He sent across his greetings in the form of a video from Paris and wished those who participated.

In the video, he (Novak) is seen saying, “You give me mental strength and inspiration.”

Vice President Lusia Parasacchi spoke at the end of the event, “35 athletes from all over Italy, 65 games, 70 wheelchairs, 120 bananas, 500 bottles of water: these are the numbers of the Wheelchair tournament that has just ended at the Gallarate Tennis Club.”

Lusia shared his experience and what happened during the event. He also said thanks to all the sponsors for their immense contribution to make the event successful.

“Thanks to all the sponsors (Sorelle Ramonda, Renexia, I Ronchi Veterinary Clinic, Farmacia Gandola, F.lli Bonafede, Ricamline, Gruppo D’Ottavio, Sports Center, Herbalife, and Edilchiara) who supported us, to our talented referee Roberto Conconi, to Fortunato and his helpers, to all the volunteers,” Lusia said.

At last, he concluded by saying thanks to Novak Djokovic for recording a special message. Moreover, all the players who came forward from all over Italy and participated voluntarily.

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