WATCH: “I’m still a student of tennis” – Serena Williams


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American Tennis Sensation Serena Williams has won 23 Grand Slam singles titles. She became the first player to reach the mark of the most by any player in the Open Era. Also, Serena is close to beating the all-time record of Margaret Court’s 24 Grand Slam titles. Williams has been World Number one for 319 weeks in WTA rankings from 2002 to 2017.

Former World Number One talked about her most favorite things in the popular Vogue show 73 Questions with Serena Williams.

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“I’m still a student of tennis. I’m still every time I’m out there. I try to learn something new”, Serena Williams answered for What is one thing in tennis that you have not mastered well?

“ A Drop shot is the most difficult thing to do in tennis” -Serena Williams 

A good drop shot requires a great touch. The ball should bounce low and near the net, sometimes with underspin. Backspin slows the ball and decreases the height of its bounce. 

Serena Williams is hitting the ball

In some extreme cases, the ball will bounce back towards the net. Sidespin may also be put on the ball so it kicks sideways when it bounces Making the drop shot a surprise also makes it more effective. 

If opponents are expecting a normal shot, they may not be in a position to run forward to make a good play on a drop shot.

“Oh my gosh! all right so I think it’s really difficult at a drop shot because a lot of the players now are really fast and they get to the ball easy and you have to have a lot of disguise on the shots so if you’re doing off the forehand you wind up like you’re going to hit a great forehand and then at the last minute you drop it and it goes barely over the net and it leaves your opponent stumbling”, Serena Williams added.

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