Watch: How Sonya Kenin is working out for six-pack during the quarantine


Sonya kenin is working for her six pack

The Australian Open Champ Sofia Kenin has socially isolated herself amidst COVID nineteen in her home. During this dwell time, Sonya is utilizing her time purposely through workouts, practice, Taking care of fans via social media and learning new things like cooking, etc…On Tuesday Kenin posted a video When she is working out for six-pack exercises with a swiss ball and stick.

Sofia Kenin -“I am working on my six-pack”

Lyon Open title winner takes a gym ball and a stick for her six-pack workouts. Firstly, Sonya lies down and keeps a ball between her ankles. Consequently, she slowly ups and downs the ball until it gently touches the floor, similar to stability ball leg lift.

Secondly, World No.04 lies down on six pack care withholding a stick in both hands and ups and downs the hands and legs for some time, similar to Six Pack Crunches.

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Practise Makes Perfect 

Sonya is honing and sharpening her tennis skills with practice when she is away from WTA tournaments. Notably, The WTA Tournaments suspended until the first week of June 2020.

Sofia Kenin said, “Trying to find the time to practice whenever it’s possible… making the best out of this crazy situation”

A delicious burger recipe for you

During this unscheduled break, tennis players are showcasing their kitchen skills to fans through social media. In a row, Sofia has also found her cooking skill over how to make a delicious burger.

Sofia Kenin missed her sweetie!

On March 22, 2020 “My Doberman passed away. He was such a mellow dog, was so loving, had such a good heart and knew how to put a smile on my face! He was so beautiful and also really was such a good dog. I love him so much and I miss him. Rest In Peace 🙏 I will forever remember and miss you.”


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