“Very, Very Lonely, Very, Very Tough”- Dominic Thiem On Playing Without Fans At The US Open 2020


Dominic Thiem

World No.03 Dominic Thiem said that playing tennis without fans is very difficult. For this reason, He explained tennis is a mental game. Moreover, Austrian opined about playing without fans at the US Open 2020, which will take from 31st August in New York.

Austrian Tennis star Thiem is yet to succeed in getting his first Grand title. He had already lost the 2018 and 2019 French Open finals against the Spaniard Rafael Nadal and Australian Open 2020 final to Novak Djokovic. 

Moreover, He can be relieved about the withdrawal of Spaniard Nadal from the US Open. But He needs to work out and find strategies against Novak Djokovic would be his prime motto to win his first grand slam title.

Dominic Thiem

“You Get So Much Energy From The Fans”- Dominic Thiem

The 26-year old Thiem shared his thoughts on U.S.Open 2020 in a recent interview. He said, “Tennis is such a mental sport, and I guess it makes it way more difficult without fans, because I just imagine playing in the fifth set on Arthur Ashe, night session, way past midnight, and in a normal year you get so much energy from the fans.”

Additionally, Dominic Thiem said “They (Fans) give you so much, all this atmosphere. And now, in an empty stadium, maybe your coach and your team there, that makes it, I guess, very, very lonely, very, very tough. That is going to be a very interesting thing to experience. But it’s the same for everybody”. 

He added further “The one who will do it the best, who will manage these special circumstances the best, will be the one who lifts the trophy at the end.”

Dominic Thiem

Dominic Thiem is feeling safer about travel and arrangements. However, he said “It’s different. The one who wins the title here definitely deserves it, and players-wise or draw-wise, it’s worth the same as every year. The draw is still super, super strong.”

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Furthermore, the Austrian concluded, “You have to play your cards smart there. Until the end of the season, it is super busy and also not going to be easy to make a good schedule, to play all those tournaments physically and mentally 100 percent. But I will try to do my best now.”


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