Venus Williams: Her Rise At The Wimbledon Center Court And Five Titles


Venus Willliams

For Venus Williams, the center court has been no less than her wall of fame, where she has always nailed it with her signature strokes. Now that she has reached nine singles finals of her career on the same grass, all upcoming matches will bring in more action for her and the fans too.

There is an array of achievements for the American tennis icon at Wimbledon, and all of these had certainly established her as the great grand slam winner ever to set foot on the center court. Interestingly, Venus made into her debut major final at the US Open championship held in the year 1997 when she was just 17-year-old. However, her sister Serena Williams earned the grand slam victory in the same tournament two years later. 

Venus Williams and Serena Williams

Venus Williams had firmly secured her place in the WTA top 10 lists of players by the year 2000 and continued to recreate the magic in the US Open tournament. These episodes flipped the scenario at Wimbledon that year when she steals the show and won her first major title over the world no. 2 professional player Lindsay davenport. Explicitly she defeated top-ranked Martina Hingis and her sister Serena Williams too on her victory voyage.

Williams had never looked back since her very first victory in the popular sport that undoubtedly made her quintessential of diligence and success in tennis. It was back in the year 2009 when the final game between the Williams sisters duo finally went to Serena’s way.

Venus Williams Again Reached Finals At The Championships In 2017

Venus does not believe in giving up so easily and this perseverance pushed her to reach another grand slam singles final match nearly a decade later at the 2017 Australian open tennis tournament. The same year she proved her worth again by reaching another major final at the Wimbledon court.

It will be no exaggeration that the Williams sisters’ duo rules the game and their talent is appreciated equally by one and all around the world. Venus and Serena have won their doubles title six times together. Their latest victory dates to the year 2016.

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Venus Williams who owns 11 overall titles from different matches at the center court, has slain both singles and doubles events in the same year twice. Wimbledon is her home-sweet-home indeed.


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