Venus Williams Answers, To Be The Greatest, Not Serena Williams’s Goal


Venus Williams and Serena Williams

American sports sensation Venus Williams has significant achievements in her tennis career. She has won four gold medals in the Olympics and Seven Grand Slam titles.  However, Former World number one said that becoming the greatest tennis player is not a goal for myself and Serena Williams. I believe that even after tennis there is a better life.

On the coming seventeenth Venus Williams will be celebrating her 40th birthday. Meanwhile, in an interview with Tennis majors, Venus spoke about her personal and tennis career dreams. She explained, “I am a very spiritual girl. I don’t want to be remembered as the greatest ever tennis player. Even after tennis is a better life. So I am not worried at all.” 

On the other hand, Venus answered the question over her younger sister. Serena Williams wanted to be the greatest? Nevertheless, Venus disagrees with that said, “She might be closer than I am honestly she does feel the same way. When you have a higher goal than just being the greatest, it puts your perspective there. It’s just your work. It really is just your work.” 

Venus Williams and Serena Williams

To be the greatest, not Serena Williams’s goal. Though she wanted to earn that title and she is closer to doing that, Former world no.1 player added.

To become the all-time greatest player 23 Grand Slam champion Serena Williams needs to win at least one more Grand Slam. She is one short of equaling Margaret Court’s 24 Majors win.

“Busy In Expanding Business”-Venus Williams

Veteran Venus Williams makes herself busy during the quarantine days. Through expanding her business, doing a workout, chatting with fans and friends.

Venus Williams

“You know I have two businesses(V Starr Interiors and EleVen by Venus) – that’s more than enough, let me tell you,” she said. “Between that and playing tennis and Instagram live my days are just pretty crazy, to be honest, crazier than ever before I feel like. Everyone’s like ‘It’s great to slow down,’ and I’m like ‘I haven’t had that chance. I want to feel that. I want to explore other sides of myself, you know?’” Venus Williams concluded.

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