“UTS Will Donate $50 For Every Card In The Event To BLM,” Says Serena’s coach Patrick Mouratoglou


Serena Williams and Patrick Mouratoglou

Ultimate Tennis Showdown (UTS) is the creation of Serena Williams coach Patrick Mouratoglou. It has scheduled to hold on 14th June. On the day of his dream come to true, Patrick Mouratoglou has announced that UTS will donate some amount to Black Lives Movement.

He shared a 30 seconds video on all social media platforms, “The talk is over, now it’s time to act – both on-court and off-court. I’m happy to announce we’ll be donating $50 for every card played during this event.”

In that video, Patrick Mouratoglou says, “I am deeply ashamed that in 2020, 60 years after Martin Luther King paid with his life for calling for equality, the black community as a whole, still has to suffer some terrible racist, heinous crimes. Although a large community of people is not racist, it is our common responsibility to stand against this evil, in order to erase it. Now is the time for action. This is why I decided that for every card played throughout the entire event. UTS will donate $50 to support the Black Lives Matter Movement”.

UTS is the ten men field. They play each other on the round-robin stage. Six players who won the most matches qualify for the knockout stage. If any tie in scoring, set averages comes into play.


In this stage, the top two players directly enter semifinals, and the other four faces off each other to find the pace in semifinals. All matches are scheduled on Saturday and Sunday. But due to rain this week matches happening on Sunday and Monday.

But on Sunday, the matches were canceled due to the rain. All matches are played at the Mouratoglou Academy in the South of France until July 12.

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What is Cards in UTS

In this showdown, Players have the option to utilize ‘UTS Cards’, which act as power-ups of sorts. For example, a player can use their ‘Winners Count x3’ card, and then if they hit a winner it will be worth triple the amount of points.

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There are seven different cards and each is valid for two consecutive service points. As stated on the UTS official twitter account, “Before each match, each player picks 2 cards, which can be used once in each quarter. Players can’t use cards simultaneously with each other.”


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