“Under 500 Can’t Compete”: Novak Djokovic Worries About The Schedule For Next Year


Novak Djokovic

Coronavirus has affected countries all around the world and impacted the well-being of thousands of people. Eventually, It also became a reason for several tennis tournaments cancellation. Subsequently, tennis players got stuck at home and struggled to make ends meet each month.

Even though tennis players might not even get many more opportunities to participate in the events this season, they look forward to the next year. But, still, there is no clear-cut schedule for the upcoming season, and the lower-ranked players have some concerns over their future career.

Novok Djokovic

However, Novak Djokovic, who has launched a new player’s association, is now in London. In an interview ahead of ATP finals 2020, Serb was asked about his concerns for the next year schedule. Djokovic said, “Everyone in tennis is worried.”

The world number one continued, “What gives us the biggest concern is unpredictability. The downside is that we can’t control anything. Governments decide whether tournaments will be played, negotiations are ongoing. And not everyone can be pleased.”

“I Don’t Point A Finger. Still, There Are A Lot Of Problems”: Novak Djokovic

Serbian also explained It is a challenging situation for a lower-ranked player and they don’t have a chance to compete in the tournaments. Additionally, Nole said, “It’s great for tennis that the most significant tournaments are held, but it’s hard because there are really few tournaments.” 

Novak Djokovic

Djokovic added, “Anyone under 500 can’t compete They have problems I talked to them, they ask for any help so they can play the ATP organises challengers, the ITF organises futures … I don’t point a finger. Still, there are a lot of problems.”

Djokovic also requested to the tournament organisers, and the tennis federations to help the lower-ranked players.

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