Ons Jabeur- “I like to dance and watch series on Netflix in quarantine”


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World No: 39 Ons Jabeur is stuck in the United States due to the rapid spread of the Coronavirus disease. And also Tunisian worries about missing tennis during these quarantine days even I could not practise tennis as well. A few days ago she moved to New York City from Miami especially for practising tennis, however, parks are closed in Florida, Where nearly 12,300 Coronavirus cases and 220 deaths confirmed. 

Ons Jabeur says I’m practising dance instead of practising tennis

The first Arab woman Grand Slam quarterfinalist shared her self-isolation routines and entertainments on a video posted official Australian Open Instagram page.

“We don’t have busy times. Now it kinda free to do anything. It’s really nice tool to catch up with you guys. I would say kind of stuck in the US, but maybe I love being stuck here. I’m just here with my husband who’s also happened to be my fitness coach. So he’s trying to make me work out.”


“We have food and everything and it’s fine for now. Hope the situation might be worse than before. The only thing we’re missing is is like practising tennis, I stopped a few days ago since they closed the park parks in Miami.” 

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“So that’s when I came here to New York. I mean, let’s see it today. So some people playing at the park here and – so I don’t know maybe if I found someone I just hate for a few times. I don’t know but I know safety before never know who’s been on the court, so it’s kind of tricky. Usually, I’m connecting with family and friends on Instagram.” 

“I like to dance. So maybe it’s time for me to kind of do some dancing in the apartment. Hopefully, the neighbours will not kick us out. But for now, we’ll good.”

Ons recommends Netflix series to watch in quarantine   

Jabeur added “We try I mean the internet is everything right now. So that’s all trying to do also like using Netflix more than usual for sure. And well, I cannot do the small cute challenge back in Tunisia with the fence. I told them since you guys staying home and you should be staying home. Let’s make a trick or something a video funny kind of like putting tennis and staying at home. So I’ve been receiving a lot of videos which is fun and the winner could win my racket.”


” I’m watching a lot of film movies and it’s the world what we do right now eating some popcorn. There is Blacklist is very good I don’t know if everybody knows it? It’s Candle is old and Elite is good. Also hopefully, I’m ready. I’m practising so let’s see. Hope everybody stays safe, which is very important. And let’s see when we gonna like resume the season.”


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