“Tsitsipas Plays Tennis The Right Way”: Ivan Lendl Foresees Tough To Beat Stefanos In Future



Stefanos Tsitsipas has bounced back well after a few rough experiences at various tournaments. Moreover, the eight-time Grand Slam winner Ivan Lendl has predicted an optimistic future for the world number five.

Earlier, Tsitsipas and his fans were disappointed because of his performance at the US Open as well as Rome. But now he’s all set to make a good impression in the last few season matches.

During his match with Andrey Rublev, he was about to lose when he stroked back and reached the final. He did not miss out on his performance at Roland Garros, where he continued the match till five-sets with world number one Novak Djokovic. Unfortunately, his injury broke him down.

Ivan Lendl

“They Are Going To Be Very Difficult To Beat”: Ivan Lendl 

Although Stefanos couldn’t win the tournaments, his performance indeed impressed Lendl. He spoke many kind words and left no stone unturned to appreciate the player and his performance in the last matches.

“Tsitsipas plays tennis the right way, and there are a couple of young guys who play like this, including Dennis Shapovalov,” Lendl said to Craig Shapiro Tennis Podcast while talking about Tsitsipas.

Dennis Shapovalov

He further said that “As soon as they get experience and they stop making too many errors, they are going to be very difficult to beat. Lendl explained how these young players are just making errors right now, but their playing strategy and techniques are far from losing.

“I thought before the French Open semi-finals that the Djokovic match had the potential to be close, but Tsitsipas could not handle it physically.” Lendl continued mentioning Stefanos injury

Iva Lendl didn’t leave the chance to appreciate his French Open match with Novak and said, “I was surprised Novak lost the fourth set because Tsitsipas was already struggling physically.”

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