“Trying To Fight His Way Back”: Tim Henman Confident the 2021 Season Will Be Smoother For Andy Murray


Andy Murray is having a tough time on the tennis court, and the same is true for some time now. Additionally, after coming from the injury, Murray has played in various tournaments, including Grand Slams at New York and Roland Garros. However, the top British player only had disappointments. But it is true, as said by Tim Henman that Murray doesn’t give up easily.

Currently, Murray still finds himself in a position where he is injured. However, Henman, who himself is a tennis legend from Britain, believes that there is no absence of fire in the 33-years old tennis player. Moreover, Henman added, “Andy had an incredibly difficult three years. He is trying to fight his way back from his hip injury.”

Andy Murray

Additionally, Henman believes that it is evident that Murray is improving and finding his ways onto the court. However, Henman also added, “He is making improvement, and then he has another little setback.” 

Andy Murray Still Has It In Him

Moreover, Henman also clearly stated that the 3-times Grand Slam winner has to find the strength and immunity to perform well and consistently. Henman said, “The tennis level is there. It is just whether Murray’s body can maintain.” Besides, Henman also reminded how Murray was able to win over the US Open finalist, Alexander Zverev, indicating that the British player still has it in him.

Andy Murray

However, Henman believes that the challenge in front of Murray is not how to play great tennis. And he says, “It is the challenge of being able to put in the work on the practice court.” Moreover, Henman also noted that another challenge is if he can play the tough matches and recover from being ready for the other.

Lastly, Henman hoped that Murray returns with the best. And that 2021 is a bit smoother for the man from Britain who doesn’t know how to give up.

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