“The Risk Of Getting Hurt Is High”- Former Roland Garros Champion Supports Rafael Nadal’s US Open 2020 Decision


Rafael Nadal

US Open 2020 is the first major event to take place after the lockdown, has been the talk of the town. Many players are excited to get back on the court while others are not willing to take the risk. Rafael Nadal is one of those who decided to withdraw from the tournament this year.

Many seem to be skeptical about this decision by the current world no.2. But the veteran tennis star, Adriano Panatta is all for it and supports Rafael Nadal with it! According to the 70-year-old, it was a smart decision on the Spaniards part as risking a potential injury was not a good idea. 

“He’s right. I guess there are many who do not feel at their best after this long stop, in some cases caution is needed because the risk of getting hurt is high ” Panatta said.

Rafael Nadal

“This edition will be less fascinating and probably even less meaningful” -Panatta 

The 34-year-old arrived on this decision keeping in mind a lot of factors. The COVID-19 cases in the US have not gone down as much and hence Nadal decided to skip traveling there.

Apart from that playing after five months can also lead to injuries, considering that the tight schedule requires a quick change in the surface from hard to clay.

“It is all too evident that all these limitations,” Panatta said. Additionally, He explained, “make this edition less fascinating and probably also not very significant. The US Open always remains very important, but with so many absences it is normal that those who decide to participate have a few more chances to go on and for this reason, I think it is not a mistake to talk about results, whatever these will be, polluted by the situation.” 


“I remember when in 1973, together with eighty other top tennis players of the time, we decided to boycott the prestigious Wimbledon tournament due to the suspension of Nikola Pilic by the Yugoslav federation.”, Adriano concluded.

As per Adriano Panatta, this season of the US Open will not hold as much importance, since many of the players have withdrawn their names owing to the current situation. He also thinks that the results of these tournaments will also be driven by other factors and not only the skillset of the players.

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Even though this US open will be different in certain ways, the excitement to witness the tennis stars is still high up! 

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