“The Right Time For The Last 20 Years”- Novak Djokovic Moves Forward With Players Body After Federer and Nadal’s Disagree



World number one Novak Djokovic and many other players have been trying to form a new association for male tennis players. On the other hand, several top players have disagreed with the same. However, Serbian is ready to move forward to build a union.  

While Djokovic has called this is the right time for the last twenty years to unite the players, but his rivals Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have snubbed his breakaway proposal over a concern of ongoing uncertainty.  

Federer. Nadal and Djokovic

Djokovic said after his second-round victory at the US Open, “I have reached out to them. We have spoken about this project several times in the past actually.” 

Additionally, Serbian went on to say of Federer and Nadal, “I have reached out to them before we made it official before we gathered with all the players on the Grandstand, I think it was last Saturday. They were very much aware of what is going to happen.”

“It’s Always The Right Time”- Djokovic on New Association Formation

Association of Tennis Professional(ATP Tour) has been representing the men’s tennis players for a long time. It has organized tennis tours worldwide for men, and the titles are named on the same. 

However, Djokovic and Co were not satisfied with the existing association(ATP Tours) activities and their management systems.  


When 17-times Grand Slam Champion respects his rival’s decisions, he further said, “I respect, of course, completely their choice that they don’t want to be involved in it at the moment. They don’t think it’s the right time. That’s fine. That’s their opinion. I disagree with that. I think it’s kind of never the right time and it’s always the right time, right?”

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“For a players association, it’s always the right time, and it has been the right time for the last 20 years. Somehow it was never really accomplished, never really realized. Right now it is. We are moving forward.”, Djokovic concluded.


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