“The Pain Was Very Great”: Rafael Nadal Reveals His Injury Recovery Mindset



Rafael Nadal is one of the most successful players that tennis has seen since the history of the game. Additionally, many might say that he is arguably the best player in the game.

However, the man with 20 Grand Slams in his tennis career might have ended his career at a very young age of 19 years, had he listened to what people had to say to him.

Additionally, the Spaniard, in conversation with Corriere Della Sera, Nadal shared his experience where he was advised to step out of the game. Besides, Rafa had a deformity in his feet. Nadal shared, “At nineteen, I had just won my first Roland Garros. They told me I would no longer be able to play due to a deformity in my left leg.”


Talking about his pain in the leg, Nadal added, “The pain was very great. I trained to hit the ball sitting on a chair in the middle of the court.”

However, things did change for the Spaniard, and he was able to recover from this pain. “Thanks to an insole that changed the position of the foot, but inflamed my knees”, said Nadal.

“We Must Equip Ourselves To Resist”: Nadal

Additionally, Nadal said that everything depends on how we see ourselves and our mentality. Besides, Nadal’s ability to have faith in himself to overcomes these situations is what makes the current world number two a different player. 


Nadal added, “You do it with a positive mentality. And by transforming the fragility of the body into moral strength.”  Moreover, Nadal also said that the essential thing is to believe that things will get better. And that they will into place sooner or later. And Spaniard added, “We must equip ourselves to resist. Because there is no other solution than to resist.”

Additionally, the 34-year old now has 13 Grand Slams at the Roland Garros, and that shows how far the Spaniard has come in his tennis career, despite all the talks.

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