The Budding Tennis Champion Sofia Kenin Gears Up to Nail It like a Pro in the WTA Tour


The 21-year-old Rising American Tennis star Sofia Kenin seems to be very well-prepared with all her homework done to perform her best in the upcoming tournament.

Sofia Kenin

Amidst the COVID19 crisis where all the pre-scheduled games including the WTA Tour and several other promotional events are suffering delays, the young player decided to spend her time practicing hard every day with the big shots to brush up her skills for the upcoming Tour.

I’m doing everything I can to stay in shape and get ready for once the Tour re-opens,” Kenin said.

It is indeed exemplary that the US Tennis player’s father and Coach Alex Kenin not just introduced his daughter to the game but also believed that she had the spark needed to carve out a niche for herself in the celebrated sport.

He took her to be trained by Rick Macci who had been the pioneer in building a strong foundation of successful players like Jennifer Capriati, Andy Roddick, Anna Kournikova, and the Williams Sisters’ duo too. With time Sofia turned into a budding top-seed with immense caliber.

She became the World’s best Junior Player by winning the USTA Girls’ under 18 Championship in the year 2015. Soon after this in the year 2017, she embraced playing professional tennis and never looked back since then.

“People Expect Me To Do Well”- Sofia Kenin

Sofia Kenin

Her father says that Kenin is a true fighter who hates to give up. This has led her to improve consistently throughout and certainly her chances to reach the zenith are high.

 “I always believed Sofia could be a professional, but I can tell you a lot of parents believe that,” Alex Kenin said. “The chance to really make it to the WTA and play at a very high level, it’s pretty small. But at the same time, if you really believe and keep trying, that’s the only thing you can do.”

In 2018, Sofia Kenin secured the 48th rank in the WTA Tour rankings while she was at 14th position after winning the three singles titles the following year. She made her mark in the Australian Open after defeating Coco Gauff and Ash Barty from Australia in 2020. After a couple of days, Sofia won her maiden Grand Slam Title upsetting former world No.01 player Garbine Muguruza in the Tour.

 “There’s definitely more attention, more press, more expectations from the outside,” she said. “People expect me to do well and get deeper in every tournament. I feel like the eyes are on me in a way, but I try not to look at that. I just try to take one match at a time, the same way I’ve been doing it, the same way my Dad has taught me to do it.”

We’re Trying To Do Our Best.”- Alex Kenin

Sofia Kenin

The worldwide spread of COVID19 has no doubt put on hold various sports events including those related to tennis but the talented young player Sofia is putting together all efforts for the last three months to challenge the champions in the court.

The American racket-game player looks all set to hit hard the next two Grand Slam Tournaments viz., the U.S. Open scheduled from August 31st to September 13th and the French Open postponed to September 20th to 4th October this year. Her persistence and diligence will surely breed into an electrifying performance and would give her fans a chance to fall for the game all over again.

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“It’s not easy with everything that’s going on in the world and all this uncertainty, but we’re trying to do our best.” Alex Kenin said.


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