“The Belief Today Was Stronger Than The Body”- Dominic Thiem About Injury Speculations



Dominic Thiem, in the semi-final match against Daniil Medvedev, injured his Achilles, and the injury seemed to bother the Austrian, as it looked difficult for him to move freely on the court in the finals.

However, the Austrian made an epic comeback in the final against Alexander Zverev to win the US Open 2020. While the injury did come into notice, Thiem dismissed all the claims regarding the seriousness of the injury.

He said, “Physically I was 100% fine at the beginning of the match.” Talking about the last match, he explained, “I had some troubles with the Achilles in the semis, but that worked out great. I did not feel any kind of pain.”


In addition to this, the world number three said, “The problem was my nerves. I was super, super tight. I was tighter than in a long time. Did not even know how that feels anymore. Did not even know how to get rid of it. But somehow I was able to do it in the third set.”

Besides, the winner also said, “As I said, the emotions, they were much, much tougher to handle today than my body because it was fine.”

“I Guess It Was Not Physical Cramps”- Dominic Thiem

Additionally, Thiem also called out for medical help in the last set of the match due to cramps. Talking about this, Thiem said, “I started to cramp a little at the end of the fifth set, It was the first time since years and years that I was cramping.”


“But I guess it was not physical cramps; it was more mentally. I was super, super tight the whole day actually, and then at the beginning of the match”, Thiem explained. Moreover, he also said, “Somehow the belief today was stronger than the body, and I am super happy about that.”

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In the end, Thiem was able to win a tough match by 2-6, 4-6, 6-4, 6-3, 7-6 (8-6).


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