“That’s The Problem Great Champions Have”: Greg Rusedski Previews Djokovic’s Career after Federer and Nadal Retirement


Djokovic, Nadal and Federer

Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer, the “Big Three” of the tennis, show some of the biggest and best rivalries among all the sports. And, while everyone wants to see them play for many more years to come, there always comes a time when players have to call it a day. 

Additionally, Novak Djokovic still has a lot to play and look forward too. Besides, the world number one is on his way to win the most number of Grand Slams among the three, with many years left for him to play. The Serbian has 17 Grand Slams to his name till now, two short of Nadal’s and three behind Federer’s.


Currently, the best player globally, Djokovic has more time left on the court than the other two rivals. But analysts look at it differently. Greg Rusedski believes that Djokovic might find difficulty in finding motivation after Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal retire. Additionally, Rusedski believes that Djokovic may prioritize his family over tennis when he comes close to 40 years of age.

“Great Champions Need Someone Else To Motivate Them”- Rusedski

He said, “Novak Djokovic could get that far, but I look at it differently.” Moreover, the 47-year-old also said, “Physically, he is capable of getting that far, but you have two kids, he has a wife, and you don’t want to be on the road every single week when you’re 40 years of age.”

Federer, Djokovic, and Nadal

In addition to this, he also said, “Life changes, so mentally more than physically, it will be a challenge.” Besides, the former tennis player also said, “Who knows, if Nadal or Federer retires, he doesn’t have his greatest rivals once he creates those records.”

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“That’s the problem great champions have. They need somebody else to motivate them,” Rusedski said. “These three greats have had this for generations, but once one says goodbye, they will lose a little bit of motivation once they have got their records.”


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