“That Was Quite Weird”- Andy Murray Remembers Federer While Seeing Djokovic and Co Watching His Match As Spectators


Andy Murray

Andy Murray was quite happy when many players, including Novak Djokovic, were there as spectators in his first-round match against Yoshihito Nishioka. However, it was terrifying for him when once Federer watched him play.

Besides Djokovic, the three-time Grand Slam was by many Brit players and his father-in-law came to support him. Additionally, Murray won the match because of his epic comeback after losing the first two sets and saving one match point.

While initially, only some of the spectators marked their presence, an epic match then attracted many like Dominic Thiem. Others were Victoria Azarenka, Naomi Osaka, etc.

Andy Murray

Murray, after seeing them said, “It is a little odd playing in front of lots of top players as it is rarely the case. Usually, it is just the fans and players watching on TV. It certainly created more of an atmosphere than there was at the beginning.”

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Murray Remembers Federer 

Additionally, he also said, “The atmosphere was very flat overall. But at the end of the match, I could at least look up and see some faces in different points of the court. This helped me a lot and encouraged me.”

Andy  Murray

Murray than remembered the time when Federer came to see him play in 2012. Remembering the moment, he said, “When I played in the Olympics in the first round in London against Wawrinka, Federer was sitting in his box for that match. That was quite weird.

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Additionally, Two times Olympic Gold Medalist Andy Murray added, I don’t know. He is obviously one of the best players of all time. And he was, yeah, just sitting in the box. I played well in the match, so I don’t want to say he put me off.”


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