“Tennis Without Fans Is Nothing” – Simona Halep and Petra Kvitova Replied To Fellows


Petra Kvitova and Simona Halep are posing to photo

The health reasons all the tennis tournaments have been suspended for an indefinite period. In parallel, a lot of conversations are going about when to reopen the courts for competing. Meanwhile, the WTA besties Simona Halep and Petra Kvitova disagreed on playing tennis without fans participation. 

Recently, ATP Masters Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and emerging player Alexander Zverev shared their views on restarting the tours, “We are happy to play tennis behind closed doors”. It means that playing tennis in an empty stadium without spectators.

“I don’t think tennis works without fans ”- Simona Halep

The Wimbledon winners Simona Halep and Petra Kvitova feel the fans are much more important to keep the momentum on their play. 

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Wimbledon Reigning Simona Halep to the German Press Agency. “The atmosphere would be so different. The reason we all love the big stages so much is because of the incredible passion that the fans bring with them. Without them, tennis would be a different sport.” 

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Two times Wimbledon Champion Petra Kvitova also agreed on her mate player to say “I think the fans are too important for the sport. It is a single sport, so the fans really have an influence on us”

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Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic belief on tennis behind-closed-doors

At the radio station, Cadena Cope in a Red Cross fund-raising broadcast, the ATP top two agreed to play tennis without fans.

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Rafael Nadal, Who has won 19 Grand Slam singles title, said: “Health comes first. But if it would be possible to play behind closed doors, I would be very happy. I have talked for many hours with Novak to see how we can help our sport.”

Djokovic, who has his 33rd birthday in May, said: “Tennis behind closed doors? It depends. It is not an easy decision. It is bigger than our sport, this decision.”I am ready to play, but this will come in the next months. I am lucky to be with my family. Normally we are always travelling.”


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