“Tennis is the lack of emotion” – Serena William’s Coach On Errors Of Racket Sport


Is Tennis Melancholy responsible for the Ultimate Showdown or the Ultimate Slowdown?

Patrick Mouratoglou

Tennis is worshipped worldwide for it has everything. Fans love to spectate it as a complete package where players can run, jump, slide, and even dive at the same time. However, there are instances that experts regard tennis as getting monotonous.

“One of the main issues with tennis is the lack of emotion. And I think that people watch sports for the same reason they would watch a movie. They want to feel emotion. The emotion comes from the character and from the story.” Patrick Mouratoglou stated in a conversation at the Ultimate Tennis Showdown.

Tennis players are subject to certain rules and regulations that they need to follow during matches in the court. This is largely to keep their moves and gestures under control so that nothing turns out to be offensive. Patrick Mouratoglou, Serena Williams’ Coach stresses on the expression of emotions by the players as the key factor that can let the sport stay alive and kicking.

Patrick Mouratoglou

For this, he has pointed out the need to offer relaxation pertaining to the code of conduct for tennis players. Further, he added that just like movies need both alpha and beta characters likewise Tennis as a sport, would help the players to choose and reveal their real side. 

“In tennis, you don’t have the story” – Patrick Mouratoglou

Stories that are weaved with both good and bad characters build better connections with the audience. The French Coach emphasized that fans tend to look for the iconic characters whom they could relate to or follow by heart. 

He also advocated that during the early 80s Tennis was way popular sport and perfect fun to watch. Today, owing to the etiquette brought forth by the rigid rule-book, people are eventually losing interest in the sport. 

Patrick Mouratoglou

“Each UTS participant has been chosen because of their personality and because of their level of course. But they are all extremely different. They are all true personalities. UTS is going to give them the platform in which they can express their personalities fully and share these emotions with the people watching at home,” Mouratoglou opined.

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As the Ultimate Tennis Showdown is around the corner, sports-lovers across the continents are all set to witness the freshness and fervor. The latest configuration wherein players will show their true colors freely in the court would be definitely a big treat for all Tennis-lovers.


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