“Tennis Is One Of The Most Difficult Sports”- Daria Kasatkina Reveals Her Struggles As A Pro Tennis Player


Daria Kasatkina

Russian Tennis star Daria Kasatkina began her career with junior Grand Slam title in the girls’ singles event at the French Open. Consequently, Kasatkina rose up in the WTA ranking reaching number ten in the world and she became Russian number one in 2018. However, Daria Kasatkina is struggling with her form in recent days due to pressure.

World Number.66 Daria Kasatkina recently shared her struggling stories with Behind The Racquet. She also explained individual sporting behind the screen experiences. 

“I finished 2018 ranked in the Top 10. The beginning of 2019 was very tough because everyone had high expectations. Meanwhile, I had split from my coach and most of my team. I did not have a practice partner so I could not prepare well for matches. I was alone, traveling to tournaments with only my brother. I was very lost. ⁣⁣I wanted to take a break. But I had to play mandatory tournaments because of my ranking. If I chose not to play these events, I had to pay huge fines. So I continued playing but was breaking down. ⁣⁣

Daria Kasatkina

Tennis is one of the most difficult sports because you’re alone. Our season is longer than most other sports and we are not financially secure. If you’re not playing tournaments, you don’t earn money. If you do not play well at the main events, you have to earn money somewhere else so you play even more tournaments. At some point, you break down. Most of the professional players reach a point where they cannot do it anymore.⁣⁣

⁣⁣“In Tennis, There Is A Ton Of Pressure”- Daria Kasatkina

In 2018, Daria Kasatkina fulfilled her childhood dream through the Kremlin Cup title and she came into the top ten in the WTA ranking. Although, Kasatkina has not showcased her good tennis on the courts since 2019.

I wondered if I wanted to quit. But then I thought, ‘If I want to quit now, what am I going to do?’ All of these doubts in your head make you crazy because you love what you do but you are constantly exhausted. I knew if I quit then changed my mind, it would be very difficult to maintain my game. These thoughts broke me.⁣⁣

Daria Kasatkina

I decided to work with a psychologist and it has been a great experience. I think that many junior players could benefit from working with a psychologist. It is tough to accept that you need help but I realized how important it was to have someone who can always listen, understand, and advise. In tennis, there is a ton of pressure so I think it’s quite important to have this support.⁣⁣

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Since then, I have rebuilt my team. I am working with Carlos and my brother who is also my fitness coach. I am also seeing a psychologist. These people are the wall that holds me up. This means a lot because in tennis, you are always single and you need to have a support system of people who have your back. This is the most important.”⁣⁣


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