“Tennis Is Naturally A Social Distanced Sport”- Serena Williams Makes Amazing Comeback At A Crucial Time


Serena Williams speaks about her tough days when she was suffering from pulmonary embolism way back in 2011. Additionally, she shared how she was dealing with the virus.

Pro tennis is all set to return in the United States from Monday with the beginning of the WTA Lexington tournament. Moreover, the younger Williams will also be participating in the event. 

In the promotion of the event, the former world number one spoke through zoom. She said, ” I don’t have full lung capacity. So I am not sure what would happen to me.” 

“This Is My Life And This Is My Health”- Younger Williams On Protecting Herself From COVID-19 pandemic

“I have like 50 masks that I travel with. I am super careful which whatever I am and have been doing. And everyone in the Serena bubble is really protected”, she added.

In addition to this, the American legend also said, “Because at the end of the day it is cool to play tennis. However, this is my life and this is my health. So I have become a little neurotic to an extent. But that is what I have to be right now.”

23 times Grand Slam Winner also said, “Tennis is naturally a social distanced sport. It was easy for me to walk on my side of the court and my hitter to walk on the other side of the court.”

The world number nine will be turning 39 next month. And she has not played a single game after the Fed Cup in the month of February. Besides, she lost to Wang Qiang in the third round of the Australian Open.

The younger Williams also said, “Everyone has the opportunity to be more fit now. Because we spent so much time at home. To just work on yourself, your life, and your game. Match fitness is always different than ‘fit’ fitness.“Serena has her home in Florida, which has not been at a good place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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However, the court at home comes to the rescue for Serena. She shared, “Florida was a really bad place to be. So we were extreme with social distancing. I had to make a gym. And my husband made a court for me. It is super cool.”


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