Taylor Townsend Reveals She’s Being Body-Shamed By US Tennis Bosses


Taylor Townsend

Rising tennis star Taylor Townsend said that she’s being body-shamed by the United States Tennis Association officials. Consequently, Officials denied her wild Cards into the US Open junior tournament.

In 2012, Townsend won the junior Australian Open and finished the season as the best 16-year-old player in the junior circuit. However, the USTA officials did not give a wild card to the US Open junior tournament as a reason for her body shape. 

Then director of player development Patrick McEnroe publicly said that “Our concern is her long-term health… and her long-term development as a player”. The matter became a massive controversy across the United States. Moreover, Serena Williams, Lindsay Davenport, and Martina Navratilova spoke about this incident.

“They have transformed in terms of being more inclusive. It would be dumb to say, ‘No, I don’t want your help because of something that happened eight years ago. Townsend said on Tennis United project.

Taylor Townsend

Protests sparked across the United States after the death of unarmed African American George Floyd in police custody. Townsend also raised her voice on the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement.

“This Is Our Reality. It Happens All The Time”-Taylor Townsend

Townsend once said that on the Tennis tour, African-American players are subject to systemic racism. Because of our skin color routinely, we are subjected to additional security measures.

“You walk through and nobody stops you, And I’m walking through and somebody has to check my bag, check my credential, check my coach’s bag, check my coach’s credential. It’s extra security, extra precautions that need to be taken to make sure that I belong” Taylor Townsend added.

Taylor Townsend

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“This is our reality. It happens all the time – week in, week out, every tournament that I play in the States, overseas, it doesn’t matter. It’s not going to change. Hopefully, the Black Lives Matter protests just create a safe space and an awareness for people to want to talk about it.” she concluded.


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