Stefanos Tsitsipas Says, He Has A Better Chance Of Success At U.S.Open Due To Absence Of Federer & Nadal


Nadal, Tsitsipas and Federer

Irrespective of a bunch of concerns and criticism, the organizers decided to go on with the tournament. The Western and Southern Open and the US Open are the notable tennis events to take place after the lockdown.

The western and southern open which is currently taking place will be followed by the Slam in New York. 

Even though people seem excited for the U.S.Open, this year’s season might not be as entertaining! One of the main reasons for the same is the absence of all-time favorites.

Two of the big three, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer have withdrawn their participation from the events. Federer decided not to play for this whole season due to his recent surgery and has committed to be back for the Olympic games next year.

Rafael Nadal on the other hand will be seen at the Roland Garros, 2020, giving himself the best chance at the 13th French Open title.

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal

“Djokovic, Of Course, Will Be A Challenge”- Stefanos Tsitsipas

Some of the players might not have gathered enough courage to travel in time of the ongoing pandemic, but that does not stop the show. The ones who have listed themselves to play include world number one  Novak Djokovic, Stefanos Tsitsipas, and others.

In the current world six, Tsitsipas might not have made the most politically correct statement recently. According to the 22-year-old, he might have a better chance at the U.S.Open title now that Nadal and Federer are not there to compete. 

“The chances are definitely going up, with the absence of Federer and Nadal from the US Open. It is definitely a better opportunity to play better, to feel that not all the attention is on them.”, the Greek said.

Additionally, he also added, “I am also given the opportunity to be in a better position in the leaderboard ranking. I do not know what went through their minds and why they made this decision. I know, of course, that Federer also had an injury.” 

“Nadal, I do not know why he will not play, it probably has to do with Roland Garros. This, however, gives me the impetus, motivates me. I feel good about my game. Djokovic, of course, will be a challenge.” the former world number five concluded.

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Not only Stefanos but a lot of the youngsters might be of the same opinion considering the record holders aren’t the best competitors for you to have. None the less the world number one is still in the competition and shouldn’t be taken lightly!

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