Stan Wawrinka Reveals He Was Killed By Rafael Nadal At French Open


Swiss star Stan Wawrinka has proudly admitted that every time he faced Rafa at the French Open, the Spaniard has defeated him fiercely. However, Wawrinka is still not ready to declare him as the GOAT of the game.

On Sunday, the tennis world saw a jaw-dropping match between Djokovic and Rafael. It was a clear straight-set win that Rafa took in his hands. And he won another Grand Slam title at the Roland Garros.

Stan Wawrinka

“He(Nadal) Is Doing It Is Something Amazing”: Stan Wawrinka

It was his 13th Roland Garros win in Paris. Moreover, he also equaled Roger Federer’s record of 20 Grand Slam titles. With his win, the mass debate has risen among the media and fans over who is the greatest player of all times!

However, the Swiss Star suggested everyone focus on just enjoying the great players play. And that this argument can take place later. “The way he is doing it is something amazing. I had the chance to play him there twice and always got killed. So I know how difficult it is to play him there”, Wawrinka said.

He further commented on the comparison between the top players, which prevails amongst the media and fans and raises different debates.“And I think it’s always difficult to compare the Big Three. Especially those amazing athletes, especially when they’re still playing. So we don’t know who is the best.”, Swiss added.

Furthermore, he also talked about who would be the best of all times, in his opinion, and the tennis future.“I think we will have to wait and see. I think we have to enjoy that they’re still playing more deeply. They’re still doing something amazing for our sport in general. And that’s something that I like to watch.” he concluded.

Additionally, hoping for a better play in the future as well, he said, “I like to watch them play. And as long as they will play, I will enjoy that.”

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