Simona Halep Says, “It is not only us. It’s happening all around the globe”


Simona Halep is hitting the ball

Romanian Tennis Pro Simona Halep looked one step further from an ongoing challenge. The Wimbledon Reigning predicts the future will be hard for everyone in the world after Coronavirus Pandemic. World No.02 seems to her career and other tennis players career will be affected once WTA Tours reopen. Halep thinks we cannot ignore the quarantine days lessons on somewhile in upcoming days. 

Simona foresees “Future will be very hard”

 “An enormous economic crisis is coming and it will be very hard for a lot of people. The most important thing is to try to keep calm and to think that this is not happening only to us. It’s happening all around the globe,” said Halep to Garantat 100% Romanian TV show.

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“Definitely, it will be different. It will be a pretty big emotional impact from my point of view. I don’t know whether we will be affected positively or negatively on the psychological side”

“I tried to analyse this period while I stayed inside the house and I have the feeling that I will cherish more the little things, the soulish things than I did before this crisis,” added Halep

Simona Halep donates a huge amount for the fight to COVID

In the beginning, the Romanian did not reveal the amount she just said:  “I am committed to helping my country and have decided to donate medical equipment.”  However,  this time Simona Halep discloses the amount as well. 

“It’s true, this is the amount, 30,000 euros. I’m not watching the news, but I was staying with my friend, Toni, and I saw how hard it was for everyone. We both decided to donate, it was a moment from the inside.

No matter the amount, I have to donate. It came from the soul. I don’t like to officially announce these donations. Doctors and Romanians need help ”, said Halep, in an exclusive interview given to the Digi Sport Champion.


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