Simona Halep reveals home routines and benefits in lockdown


Simona Halep is walking on the court

Romanian Tennis pro-Simona Halep skipped some tournaments after claimed her first title in the season at Dubai Tennis Championships due to foot injury. Nearly, Couple of months, the Wimbledon reign has been taking recovery treatments from her home in Bucharest, Romania. Meanwhile, Coronavirus Pandemic also has been the reason for Simona is staying at the home for a long time.

Simona Halep says keep positive vibes during this lockdown days

During this self-isolation period, Romanian No .01 said to Eurosport’s Tennis Legends vodcast:

“We need to keep our minds positive because it’s the most important thing in these days anyway, I couldn’t play at Indian Wells because I was injured but I was so sad hearing the news that everything’s going to get cancelled because of this situation.

So I think We struggle I have to be honest we struggle we miss the tour I miss the players and all the people that are getting involved in all the tournaments so yeah, but I can take a positive thing I’ve been at home since February and I’ve never been home for so long since years ago and it’s a different life! So I just have to take it and to try to enjoy it.”

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No alarms! Long Sleeping Hours!! Late Breakfast!!!

“I’ve had 22 days I think in the house. I did not go out at all. I just kept it very safe, because I’m a little scared about it and I want to just stay chilled so I wake up around 10-11 am so. Yes, it’s very good to have a lot of sleep, no alarm, no schedule so I just wake up. I have a late breakfast.”

Simona Halep’s Daily Routines and Wimbledon Champion for one more year

“I do some running here in the complex because we are allowed to do it it’s a private residence. Yeah, it’s closed everything but outside you are able to run. So I am doing the running and the training outside in front of the block and then in the house.”

“I work on my core and my exercises so every day I’m working and I feel fit. Yeah I take the positives because for two years I am the defending champion. So I have to live with that feeling for one more year so it’s a good thing in the end yeah!.”

Halep’s prediction about the Future of Tennis Tournaments

“ I am excited that I will be able to play the first match on a Tuesday I think on the centre court so yeah I really want to face this experience It’ going to be great for sure.well, in my opinion, it’s going to be longer than July we hope for the US Open but are not sure because New York now is struggling I don’t really know how it’s going to be after so many months and being like off the tournaments.”

“We have never been in this situation so I think it’s going to be new for everybody and I will struggle for sure. I will struggle to get back into the rhythm” Halep added.


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