Simona Halep: “If we do not play this year, moreover next year will be harder”


Simona Halep is hitting the ball

Romanian Tennis Ace Simona Halep has already sent a message to fans over her right foot injury “I do not have the pain in the foot even I can run without pain as well.” World No.02 player is seeming to WTA tournaments resume nevertheless the Coronavirus count rises rapidly. Wimbledon Champion hopes the courts will open for tournaments on September or later this year. 

Simona Halep has some good words for the tennis community

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Simona Halep expressed her perspective on what is going to happen in the upcoming WTA Tour schedule and whether players should be consulted in the latest Tennis Legends vodcast.

Romanian said “We the players If we do not have tournaments we have nothing also so, I think It’s 50-50 there. Actually, I can get involved in this I’m open to it but It’s too sensitive and I do not feel like I have the power and vision to do…to say something about these decisions. It’s too big and tough to take responsibility for everyone.”

“If there is going to be a group of players for sure I’m going to get involved and I will say my opinions but It’s tough about this situation with the health in the world. So If It’s about a tournament or a date but never know when It’s going to be safe to travel again and how It’s going to be good for everybody.” Simona Halep added.

“I feel like the leaders of this tennis tours they have come together and also to ask the players because, in my opinion, we have a good word because we have to play. They have to decide what is best for everybody not just for the tournaments or for the players.”

“If this year It is possible for some tournaments. It’s going to be great, even if dates will be changed pretty much and even if we will have clay or hard courts…grass I know it is impossible to have it anymore. But I feel like if we stay one year without the tournament it is going to be much harder to start again next year.” the two times Grand Slam Champion Simona Halep Concluded.


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