“She Started To Rebuild Her Fitness”- Coach Patrick Mouratoglou On Serena William’s 24th Grand Slam


Serena Williams and Coach Patrick

Recently Serena Williams has confirmed to play on the US Open 2020 in New York. Consequently, the whole tennis world keeps an eye on Williams’s record-equaling 24th Grand Slam. However, Coach Patrick Mouratoglou believes, Serena Williams will win her unique Grand Slam title at the Flushing Meadows.  

In a recent interview with essentially sports, Serena Williams’s coach Patrick Mouratoglou answered over Williams’s US Open 2020 preparation and 24th Grand Slam title. How has it been going and real, she catches number 24 in New York this year? 

Serena coach Patrick Mouratoglou said, “Well, first of all, I don’t have a crystal ball. I wish I would. I don’t, but of course, I believe she will. she’s been, she’s doing great. She’s been resting a lot the first weeks she needed rest anyway because her knee needed some rest. and then she started to rebuild her fitness. and the last three, four weeks she’s been practicing tennis. she was filming her, her practices, sending them to me so we could, we could talk about it. 

Serena Williams and Coach Patrick

Patrick Mouratoglou has been coaching her virtually during the suspension of the period from France. Moreover, the French man is staging the non-official tennis tournament as a reason for helping lower-ranked tennis players who have affected in the unusual tennis break.

“She’s Practicing Hard”- Coach Patrick On Serena Williams’s US Open Preparation

Right now, Serena Willams has started preparation for US Open 2020 with new laykold courts in her backyard. Earlier Coach Patrick Mouratoglou revealed that Serena has been practicing with professional male tennis players. 

Serena Williams and Coach Patrick

Coach also said, “I feel doing well, she’s practicing hard. And, you know, for, for all those fliers who are top competitors, when they know why they practice for, and as soon as the announcement of the US Open taking place, Serena now knew what she was practicing for, suddenly the intensity goes to the highest level. So I’m sure.” 

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Although, Serena Williams also really excited to play at Billi Jean King National Tennis Center. Day by day, the pressure mounts on the Serena’s 24 Grand Slam. We let see what will be happening in New York. 


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