“She Is Fantastic For The Sport”: Billie Jean King Compares Naomi Osaka with WTA Founders


Naomi Osaka

Tennis legend Billie Jean King had all appreciation for the US Open 2020 champion Naomi Osaka. She believes that Osaka is an amazing ambassador of the tennis world. Osaka has been very active when it comes to social issues such as racism, gender inequality. And Billie Jean King is really impressed with the Japanese star.

King in conversation with Reuters said, “She seems to be able to compartmentalize things and she cares deeply about what is happening around her and that will keep her focused.”

Besides, the 76-year-old tennis legend also said, “She is fantastic for the sport. But do not forget Serena and Venus. They also spoke about and still continue to speak out for women of color. And Venus fought for equal prize money.”

Billie Jean King

In addition to this, King also told Reuters, “People forget because they go on to the new one. But Naomi is really special. And I think she will be an amazing leader over the years because she cares. We are very fortunate to have her in our sports.”

Moreover, King believes that Osaka is the product of what she, along with other players fought for. The Original Nine fought for the formation of women’s tennis tour and this led to the formation of the WTA in1973.

King, who won a total of 36 Grand Slams in her career, said, “In many ways, Naomi is the product of the Original Nine. Think about that, she is what we fought for.”

Naomi Osaka Withdraws From The French Open Due To Injury

Naomi Osaka

“That if you are good enough, you will face a place to compete, wherever you come from”, she said. Naomi, who just won the US Open last week, will not be playing in the French Open due to a hamstring injury.

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The 3-times Grand Slam winner announced on Twitter, “Hey guys, first and foremost thank you so much for all the support over the last three weeks. I couldn’t have done it without you!”

“Unfortunately I won’t be able to play the French Open this year. My hamstring is still sore so I won’t have enough time to prepare for the clay- these two tournaments came too close to each other for me this year. I wish the organizers and players all the best.”, She added.


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