“She Didn’t Play Her Best Because Of The Pressure” – Chirs Evert On Serena Williams’s Four Grand Slam Finals Losses


Serena Williams

In recent reports says, the Coronavirus positive cases, and deaths have been declining in New York City. It seems likely that the US Open 2020 will take place in the Flushing Meadows as per schedule. However, American Tennis Star Chris Evert believes in Serena Williams to win her 24th Grand Slam title in the United States Grand Slam tournament. 

Followed by the 2017 Australian Open Grand Slam title, Serena Williams played four finals at Wimbledon and US Open in 2018 and 2019. Nevertheless, She lost everywhere in the straight sets against Angelique Kerber, Naomi Osaka, Simona Halep, and Bianca Andreescu. Moreover, Hall of Fame Chris Evert said Serena didn’t play her best tennis on the courts.  

In a recent interview with Ubitennis Chirs Evert said, “I just feel like they went out there and had nothing to lose and it did a three to feel the pressure, of course, you felt the pressure and then the pressure. she didn’t play her best because of the pressure but we’ve still seen her win when she’s not playing her best right.

Serena Williams and Chris Evert

we’re still seeing her win at 80 percent in the past year. When she is playing best but these girls were playing so well that they took the match from her.” Evert added.

I Would Never Count Serena Out” – Chris Evert

Former World Number Serena Williams has won 23 singles Grand Slam title, which is most by any player in the Open Era. On the other hand, It has one short of all-time Australian Margret Courts’ 24 singles major titles.

In the middle of the pandemic, the most raised question in the tennis world that is, “When will Serena Williams equal Magret’s record?” Everyone opines for it, right now 18 times Grand Slam winner and compatriot Chris Evert explained it.  

Serena Williams

“Look I would never count Serena out but when people say Do you really think she’s going to win and I go Yeah. Why. Why not. why not. Especially if the U.S. Open happens. why not everybody’s starting out on an even field as far as nobody’s played for eight or nine months.”

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“By that time I saw an Instagram of Serena working out and she looks lean. Trim and she looks in great shape. And I think if she spent eight or nine months of their daughter and her husband she’s going to be raring to go. for the U.S. Open so I think it’s very possible as long as she keeps the inspiration up and as long as she keeps again keeps wanting it. And it’s all about how badly she wants it. I think you’ve got to give her a shot.” Former World No.01 Chris Evert concluded.


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