“She Changed Women’s Tennis”: Ana Ivanovic Praises Serena Williams For Her Amazing Achievements


Serena Williams

Ana Ivanovic, former world number one, is currently working as an analyst and provides commentary for the match on social media. Additionally, Ivanovic still couldn’t believe that it has been 12 years since she last played in Paris and retired from the beautiful game.

Giving her opinion on tennis and the French Open, in particular, she shared her love for Paris and especially for the dirt at Roland Garros. She said, “It’s hard to believe it’s been 12 years because it almost feels like yesterday.” 

Ana Ivanovic

She continued, “It brings so many emotions every time that time of year comes around. Of course, it’s October that Roland Garros is being played, but every time I see [Court] Philippe Chatrier or even Suzanne Lenglen, so many memories come through my head. This is one of the moments that I will never forget.”

“She’s 39 and Still Playing At Such a High Level”: Ana Ivanovic

Not only did Ivanovic offer her insight into the French Open on Thursday, but some of the more prominent themes of the WTA season, including Serena Williams’s accomplishments and the multitude of other mothers on tour.

“There are so many amazing things about Serena. First of all, I think she changed women’s tennis in a way and what she’s achieved is amazing. I do think she will get the 24 that she wants,” Ivanovic said.

Serena Williams

She added, “It’s amazing that she’s 39 and still playing at such a high level. I saw a few of her matches at the US Open, and I was really amazed to see how well she was moving and hitting the ball. It was spotless and very powerful.”

Moreover, she talked about how a person’s perspective changes after becoming a mother and how deeply she misses playing in the court. Also, referring to Serena Williams and their outstanding performances even after becoming a mother is praiseworthy.

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